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Company Profile:

◆Artisan foods, invested by the Shanghai Artisan Investment Co., Ltd. , is specialized in a full set of management system of planting, processing and exporting. The company is mainly engaged in a wide variety of fresh and frozen vegetables such as ginger, garlic, garlic sprout, garlic cloves, onion, taro, carrot, burdock, and yam, etc. Achieving ISO9001, HACCP, GLOBAL GAP, JAS and CNAS certificates, Artisan foods always provides customers with premium products, competitive prices and best services.

◆Artisan foods is mainly engaged in a wide variety of fresh and frozen vegetables, as well as boiled and seasoned products. The company also developed a series of baking products by Japanese and European production technology. With more than ten years of management and technical experience in the agricultural industry, Artisan foods enjoys a good reputation in Japan, Canada, Netherland and other countries. Therefore, the company has been cooperating steadily with many Japanese retail giants, such as Shimizu Products Corporation. Meanwhile, Artisan foods is committed to developing of European, American and Chinese markets, and the total export volume reached nearly 25,000 tons per year.

◆It is our dream to provide people with the healthiest and most delicious bread. After traveling around the world and tasting numerous pastries, we choose natural materials and wild natural yeast collected from Hokkaido, and bake it by European and Japanese traditional process professionally.

Factory Introduction:

◆Weifang factory:

  The factory located in Weifang city is engaged in fresh garlic, garlic sprout, garlic cloves, onion, taro, carrot, burdock, yam, frozen ginger paste, frozen garlic paste, frozen yam paste, and spices categories. The factory set up seven food grade plants, one storage room of constant temperature which can preserve 10,000 tons of products, a fast-frozen warehouse with a volume of 1,000 tons, a food R & D room and a national testing center which is certificated for CNAS. All the factories have acquired ISO9001, HACCP and QS certificate.



 ◆Anqiu factory:

  The factory located in Anqiu city is engaged in fresh ginger, onion, taro, burdock, and so on. The Anqiu factory possesses three processing plants, ten cold storages and a large-scale cellar which can preserve 6,000 tons of ginger raw materials. Artisan foods has been paying close attention to the pesticide control of vegetables, and developed a store method of ginger which can be stored in the cold storage annually without pesticide residues, so that the factory can ensure the stability of quality, supply and price.



 ◆Shanghai factory:

  The factory located in Shanghai city, is engaged in boiled and seasoned foods, especially in boiled and seasoned vegetables, bamboo shoots, mushroom and kamamishi. The Shanghai factory possesses a large food grade standard plan with  a total of 20,000 m2 floor space, contains the food sterilization, selection, canned, metals and foreign body detection, packaging lines. In order to make sure that the quality of all products can be confirmed from the planting to processing and logistic, ISO9001 and HACCP management system have been introduced by Artisan Foods.



 ◆Inspection & Testing center:

  Food safety and strict hygiene standards are applied in all areas of our facility. Weifang Huihai Agricultural Products Inspection & Testing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 with the investment of 10 million yuan. With advanced detection equipments imported from the United States(Waters) and Japan(Shimadzu), the inspection company have got the CNAS certificate in 2010(China National Accreditation Service for conformity Assessment). Now we have established business relationship with more than 50 companies.



 ◆Artisan Bakery:

In order to bake a good bread, Artisan foods uses wheat flour as materials with wild natural yeast collected from Hokkaido, and bake it by European traditional baking process. Wine & Cheddar Cheese, Cuttlefish powder & Garlic, Cereal Bread, Brioche (Passion Fruit & Mango Filled), every types of our bakery products can give you a wonderful and delicious experience. Now we have already set up a flagship store in Pudong New District, and enjoy a good reputation. In the future, Artisan foods is committed to baking the best bread continuously.